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Leading HR Blog: From Vision to Action

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Employee Engagement: An Introduction

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Employee Onboarding: 5 Crucial Tips

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13 HR Metrics You Need to Know

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The Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model in a Nutshell

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5 Steps to Create an Effective HR Scorecard

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HR OKRs: 5 Best Practices

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Featured Voices

Dieter Veldsman
Chief HR Scientist
Dr. Dieter Veldsman is an Organizational Psychologist with 15+ years of experience across the HR value chain and lifecycle, having worked for and consulted with various organizations in EMEA, APAC, and LATAM. He has held the positions of Group Chief People Officer, Organizational Effectiveness Executive, Director of Consulting Solutions, and Chief Research Scientist. He is a regular speaker on the topics of Strategic HR, Future of Work, Employee Experience, and Organizational Development.
Marna van der Merwe
HR Subject Matter Expert
Dr. Marna van der Merwe is an Organizational Psychologist and Subject Matter Expert at AIHR. She has extensive experience in Human Resources, Organizational Effectiveness and Strategic Talent Management. She is a researcher, published author and regular conference speaker in the areas of talent management, experience design, as well as the changing nature of careers. Marna holds a PhD in Organizational Psychology, with a specific focus on talent management and careers in the future of work.
Erik van Vulpen
Erik van Vulpen is the founder and Dean of AIHR. He is an expert in shaping modern HR practices by bringing technological innovations into the HR context. He receives global recognition as an HR thought leader and regularly speaks on topics like People Analytics, Digital HR, and the Future of Work.
Annelise Pretorius
Assessment Subject Matter Expert
Annelise Pretorius is a registered psychometrist with 10+ years of experience working with psychometric assessments and people data. In her career, Annelise has developed talent acquisition strategies for different companies and worked on people projects, covering topics such as learning and development strategy, career pathing, and sales team performance improvement. As an Assessment SME at AIHR, Annelise is responsible for designing and delivering learning and skills assessments for clients and Academy members.
Neelie Verlinden
Neelie Verlinden is a digital content creator at AIHR. She’s an expert on all things digital in HR and has written hundreds of articles on innovative HR practices. In addition to her writing, Neelie is also a speaker and an instructor on several popular HR certificate programs.
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