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What is digital HR?

Digital HR is about using technology to make HR more effective and efficient.

A classic example is moving from paper files to an HRIS system, but digital HR is much more than this. The goal isn’t to eliminate paper admin, but to deliver a seamless employee experience, uncover key insights from people data, and innovate the people function to give your organization a competitive advantage.

What is digital HR transformation?

Digital HR transformation is the process of improving the human resources function using technology and data.

Digital transformation is continuous. What is innovative today will be outdated in a few years’ time. That’s why it’s crucial that HR professionals keep up to date with the latest digital developments in the field through digital HR courses.

What are digital skills for HR?

Digital HR technology is constantly changing. So knowing your way around a specific HRIS system is useful, but developing agile, data-driven and technology-enabled skills will help you in the long term to adapt to and adopt innovation. Think of digital aptitude, change management, automation, and more.

AIHR offers digital HR online courses that help you master the skills that will future-proof your career.

Why are digital HR skills important?

Digital is already the new normal for most businesses. If digital HR and HR are one and the same for you, you’ll unlock a level of effectiveness and strategic impact that will set you apart in the eyes of current and future employers.

Digital agility is a crucial competency for all HR professionals. It helps you manage the constant change needed for digital transformation and innovation, identify opportunities and influence stakeholders through data analytics, implement and optimize new solutions, and more. In short, it makes you a powerful asset to any organization.

Why should I choose an AIHR digital HR course?

AIHR offers everything you need to develop future-proof and practical digital HR skills.

Our extensive list of digital HR courses cover everything from the fundamentals of digital HR to evergreen skills like automation and even cutting-edge trends and tools like ChatGPT.

Enrolling with AIHR also means access to an extensive and expanding library of templates and resources so you can hit the ground running, an active and engaged HR community to help you tackle challenges, and more.

How do I choose the best digital HR course for me?

The HR Career Map shows you which digital HR courses are the most useful for your ideal career path.

It’s like an on-demand, digital career coach that makes choosing courses easy through interactive visuals. Use the career map to plot your career advancement, get insight into salary ranges, and see which HR training courses give you the skills, knowledge, and experience to meet your goals.

Digital HR courses at AIHR

Enrolling at AIHR is a great choice for Human Resources professionals who want to future-proof their career.

AIHR offers a wide range of Digital HR courses online, as well as certificate programs on Digital HR, HR metrics, and people analytics. These cover a wide range of topics, from automation in HR and digital transformation to analyzing HR data using tools like Excel and PowerBI. We also offer a mini course on ChatGPT for HR, explaining how to safely use AI to elevate your HR practice.

Whether you’re just getting started with digital HR or are looking to develop advanced digital skills, AIHR can help you hit your development goals. In addition to on-demand online digital HR courses, we also offer an extensive and expanding resource library, full of templates and guides to help you get off to a flying start.

Driving digital HR transformation

Digital HR offers massive benefits for practitioners, organizations, and employees.

Smart use of automation cuts down on time spent on tedious administrative tasks, as well as human error. HRIS systems and employee engagement tools make it easier for organizations to understand and support their most valuable asset: their people. And with the right combination of digital tools, design thinking, and customer understanding, HR can create an enviable employee experience.

The potential of digital HR is massive. But you need digital HR skills and confidence in your abilities to unlock this.

That’s where AIHR can help you. With our high-quality, on-demand online digital HR courses we can help you become a key driver of digital HR transformation in your company.

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