How to expense your membership

Many members have their employer (partially) sponsor their AIHR membership. Even if they didn’t have a formal training budget. Just follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Setting the stage

Start by giving your manager a heads up to let them know that you're interested in signing up for a course.

Hey boss! I just found an interesting online course, and I think it would be really relevant to my work here.
Can I send you the details?

Oh… that sounds interesting!

…or send your manager a quick chat message:

Good luck. And let me know if you need anything 9:20
Hey {manager}, I just found a relevant course on {topic}, and I think it would be really useful for my work here. Can I send you the details? 12:35

2. Email your manager

Short, personal emails are best. Copy the template below and tweak it for your context:

It’s normal for managers to ask a few questions. For instance about how this aligns with your role and goals. Here are some answers that will help the conversation:

Who is providing the training?

AIHR, the Academy to Innovate HR, has been around since 2016, they have over 8,500 positive reviews on, and work together with a wide range of companies big and small, such as Capgemini, Ikea, Vodafone, Henkel, Ahold Delhaize, Unilever, Tata, PwC, and P&G.

Their training courses are also accredited by international HR associations, such as the HRCI, SHRM, and HRPA.

What is the required time commitment to complete a certificate program?

The program is 100% online and self-paced so that it fits into a busy work schedule and can be completed at one’s own pace.

Most people take 25 – 40 hours to complete the program and obtain their certificate.

How will this course impact your work?

AIHR courses are designed for maximum impact by using the Tell-Show-Do-Apply methodology.

The ‘Tell’ and ‘Show’ components focus on understanding the underlying theoretical frameworks and mechanics by learning from case study examples. The ‘Do’ and ‘Apply’ elements are centered around getting hands-on with real-world projects that prompt learners to apply their new knowledge to their specific job context.

The Resource Library is there to offer on-the-job support with practical templates, playbooks, and tools, which learners are free to use in any way they see fit.

84% of AIHR learning indicate that upon completion of the program, they have already applied at least one learning from the program in their job.

How is this course different from other programs?

AIHR courses are rigorous, in-depth, training programs with a strong focus on the hands-on application of the knowledge (see the Tell-Show-Do-Apply methodology). Other courses typically do not offer a similar level of depth combined with practicality.

Regardless of the specific subdomain within HR, each AIHR program always has elements around the domain-specific application of data literacy, digital agility, business acumen, and people advocacy (see the T-Shaped HR competency model).

On top of the courses, AIHR learners also get access to domain experts through the community & live events, a resources library with practical templates & playbooks, and assessments to identify further personal development opportunities.

What if it turns out not to be what you expected?

AIHR offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. So you can try the course without any risk and get a full refund if, for any reason, it’s not working out.

For other questions, refer to our knowledge base or contact us at [email protected].

3. Follow-up after 1 week

Managers are busy people. Don’t forget to send a reminder if you haven’t heard back from them:

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