HR Trends Report 2024

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Explore the HR trends that will shape the world of work in 2024 and beyond.

HR Trends Report 2024
HR Trends Report 2024

In the world of work, change is desperately needed.

In this report, Founder of AIHR Erik van Vulpen and AIHR’s Chief HR Scientist Dieter Veldsman outline how HR can take action to elevate work in 2024. 

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Work is at a crossroads  

Organizations face a labor shortage while millions of workers are unnecessarily sidelined. Productivity stagnates despite the democratization of powerful new technology. And as workers reexamine their relationship with work, it’s clear that traditional career structures have reached their limit.The playing field has shifted. 

Something needs to change. And HR can provide the breakthrough needed to get work back on track.

Discover the 11 HR Trends shaping the future of work and drive value for both your organization and your workforce. The main HR trends for 2024 include:

  • Resolving the productivity paradox
    While we feel busier than ever, productivity has stagnated. HR can use trusted HR tools and new tech to empower employees and get productivity back on track. 
  • From silos to solutions 
    As organizations evolve to become more adaptable, so will HR. This means shifting to solution-focused multidisciplinary teams and rethinking what we consider fundamental HR skills.
  • HR leans in 
    The HR function continues to struggle with misconceptions about its value. By recognizing its own strategic value and giving the function the same support it offers other departments, HR will be able to change perceptions, empower its practitioners, and drive even more value for the business. 

The full report discusses the 11 key HR trends for 2024 and what HR can do to provide a breakthrough at this critical time. Receive a PDF copy of this HR Trends Report 2024 via email by simply filling out the form above.

HR Trends Report 2024

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HR Trends Report 2024

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