Shape a data-driven HR culture

Build a culture of data-driven HR by developing essential data literacy skills throughout HR.

Improve HR's credibility by speaking the same language

Speaking the same data-driven language enables HR to bridge the gap to the business and present itself as a credible partner to business stakeholders.

By equipping everyone in the HR team with basic data literacy skills, they become analytics translators, who turn data into impact by feeding relevant insights into the decision-making process, and ultimately driving better, fact-based, people decisions.

Bringing data into the flow of work

We help HR teams create a culture of data-driven HR by training them to bring metrics, KPIs, and data into their daily work routines and meetings with business stakeholders.

Having an impact with HR Analytics requires more than just excellent data analytics skills. Data literacy skills enable everyone in the HR team to understand the data provided, translate it into actionable insights, and bring those to the attention of relevant stakeholders.

Improve HR Data quality

HR data is prone to suffer from data quality issues. Shaping a data-driven HR culture creates awareness around the importance of data quality and drives the adoption of improved data practices. Ultimately making the data entered into your HR systems more consistent and reliable.


Build better HR teams, faster

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Personalized upskilling at scale

Assess and identify key skills gaps

Drive digital transformation & data-driven HR

Building a culture of data-driven HR at Capgemini

People Analytics has fast become an important specialization within HR, and the expectations are high. That’s why Capgemini was looking for ways to empower the team leading the People Analytics efforts with specialized online training.

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