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Compensation & Benefits

Certificate Program
In the face of a completely disrupted business landscape, changing employee expectations, and growing scrutiny on wage fairness, Compensation and Benefits strategies are under unprecedented pressure. Approaches that worked a few years ago will leave your organization vulnerable to a variety of risks. Become a total rewards expert and learn everything you need to create a future-proof C&B strategy by developing modern skills ranging from strategic thinking to hands-on analytics.

What you will learn

Understand the process of shaping a Total Rewards Strategy from benefits plans to wellbeing
Dive into the job evaluation and grading process and study various aspects of pay
Discover how sales compensation impacts the business and how to define the sales pay structure
Interpret data to identify pay gaps and draft an action plan towards pay equity


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Program structure

Total Rewards
4 modules
• 10 lessons
9 hours
Learn how to create a future-proof compensation & benefits strategy. You will learn to develop a comprehensive Total Rewards Strategy, how to evaluate your strategy based on an analysis of internal and external factors, and how to secure executive buy-in and evaluate the success of your program through both objective and subjective measures.
Download the syllabus for a detailed overview of all lessons, assignments, reading materials, and bonus content.
Craft an impactful reward strategy fully aligned with business goals
Master a comprehensive strategy process accounting for all internal and external factors
Take a holistic approach to rewards, from direct cash and core benefits to wellbeing and recognition
Secure executive support for your initiatives with compelling communication
Strategy and Rewards
Evaluating Your Total Reward Strategy
Comp and Ben Strategy Design
Total Rewards in Context
Pay Principles
3 modules
• 10 lessons
4 hours
Sales Compensation
1 module
• 5 lessons
4 hours
Compensation and Benefits Analytics
2 modules
• 5 lessons
4 hours
Pay Gap Analysis
2 modules
• 9 lessons
5 hours
Capstone Project
Exam + Project
1.5 hours

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Total Rewards Glossary
Save time with this handy reference for key total rewards terminology
Linking Total Rewards to Company Objectives
Explore how a total rewards strategy can help achieve common business objectives
How to Align Rewards, Performance, and Culture
Get hands-on experience making performance appraisals fairer and more consistent
Budgeting the Annual Pay Cycle
Simplify the budgeting process with this collection of best practices
Sales Compensation
Get hands-on with sales compensation in this interactive case study
HR Guide to Sales Compensation
Participate credibly in sales comp conversations with this practical guide
Benchmarking Analysis
Get hands-on by conducting a benchmarking analysis for a new role
Market Data Provider Selection Tool
This tool helps you valuate and compare different market data providers
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Why should I enroll in this Compensation & Benefits Certification Program?

The right Comp & Ben strategy has always been essential in attracting and retaining the talent your organization needs to win in the market. As companies face major talent shortages and new challenges such as the rise of remote work, C&B is only becoming more important.

In light of this, ambitious and strategic HR professionals need to be able to understand and speak the language of Compensation and Benefits. Only then will they be able to truly understand the challenges and opportunities within this area of expertise, and the way that it can impact the HR organization and company as a whole.

This course is also a good fit for HR professionals working in Comp & Ben at smaller organizations who wish to learn more about the field, or individual contributors or managers who want to set up or professionalize their Compensation and Benefits department.

Why can't I enroll in this C&B course right now?

AIHR's online Certificate Programs open periodically, usually once a month. You can wait for enrollment to open again, or get Full Academy Access, which is available year-round. Full Academy Access grants you access not only to the Comp & Ben courses, but our entire catalogue of online HR education. This includes Certificate Programs that will help you further improve your C&B expertise, such as People Analytics and HR Manager.

What alumni say about this program

Reviews collected through reviews.io

Republic of Lithuania
Verified Alumni
1 year ago
Valuable knowledge condensed into short lessons. Mostly great practical content with useful hands-on activities. Though I was familiar with most concepts, I believe even people already working in the C&B field will find the program insightful. The last part on pay gap analysis should be included in People Analytics program as well.
Elisabeth Knowles
United States
Verified Alumni
1 year ago
Loved it! Very thorough and informative. I can't wait to dig into my programs!
Helga Kaszás
Budapest, Hungary
Verified Alumni
1 year ago
Systematic, comprehensive program on the most important pillars and main facets of Comp and Ben. Not easy, you really have to learn!
Verified Alumni
1 year ago
This course gives a clear, meaningful overview of C&B elements. The lessons have an nice bite-size so it's easier to plan in busy schedules.
Verified Alumni
1 year ago
Excellent course.
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