HR Boot Camp: Instantly Level-Up Your HR Team

HR Boot Camps are skill-specific team programs that combine teamwork, cohort-based learning, and hands-on projects to instantly level-up your HR teams.

What’s next for your team?

  • Become Strategic Business Partners
  • Leverage Data in their day-to-day
  • Level up their Digital Proficiency

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Our Top 3 HR Boot Camps

Strategic Business Partner

Does your HR team speak the language of the business as true strategic Business Partners?

HR People Analytics

When did your HR team use data insights to drive impact in the organization?

Digital HR - 2024 & Beyond

Is your HR team ready to lead your organization’s Digital Transformation journey for the future of work?

The HR Business Partner Boot Camp equips your HR team(s) with the skills they need to become strategic partners to the business. Create a team of professionals that speaks the language of the business, act as consultants and challenge the status-quo.

What your team will learn:

1. How to be a Strategic Business Partner

Equip your HR team to lead strategic business conversations, offering valuable HR perspectives. This empowers them to foster better collaborations and alignment with key stakeholders, driving organizational success.

2. Interpreting and Acting on HR Metrics

Enable your HR team to effectively monitor and interpret crucial business and HR metrics. By understanding these metrics, they can proactively address challenges and contribute to informed decision-making that aligns with business objectives.

3. Align HR Strategies with Business Goals

Strengthen your HR team’s financial and strategic acumen, ensuring that HR initiatives are always aligned with overarching business goals. This alignment ensures that HR strategies directly support and drive business objectives.

4. Be a Consultant to the Business

Provide your HR team with the tools to function as internal consultants. With refined consulting techniques, they can effectively address business challenges, ensuring HR solutions are tailored to the unique needs of the organization.

5. Improving the Employee Experience

Transform your HR team’s approach to foster positive employee experiences. By leveraging advanced EX techniques, they can enhance satisfaction and engagement, leading to improved retention and a motivated workforce that drives business growth.

6. Future of Work to HR

Prepare your HR team to anticipate and adapt to the evolving workplace landscape. Ensuring their strategies align with future work trends will position your business at the forefront, ready to navigate changes and capitalize on new opportunities.

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The Data-Driven HR Boot Camp trains your HR team(s) to leverage data and the power of people analytics in their day-to-day activities.

What your team will learn:

1. Mastering People Analytics Foundations

Equip your HR team with a foundational understanding of People Analytics. By delving into use cases, the analytics cycle, and the role of the data analyst, your team will be well-prepared to make data-driven decisions and strategies.

2. Becoming an HR Data Analyst

Empower your HR team to handle HR data proficiently. From preparing and manipulating data to creating dashboards in Excel, this module ensures your team can derive actionable insights from employee data, such as turnover patterns.

3. Designing HR Dashboards in Power BI

Enable your HR team to leverage Power BI for advanced reporting. They’ll learn to create interactive reports, understand advanced data models, and ensure data governance, translating data into visual reports that drive HR strategy.

4. Conducting HR Statistics in Excel

Provide your HR team with robust statistical tools in Excel. From validating hypotheses to assessing variations between groups, this module ensures your team can effectively analyze HR data, deriving meaningful insights to inform HR initiatives.

5. Completing the Capstone Project

Engage your HR team in an interactive project that simulates real-world HR challenges. They’ll perform descriptive analyses, build reports in Power BI, and test hypotheses, ensuring they can apply their learned skills in real business scenarios.

6. Perfecting Storytelling With Data

Enhance your HR team’s ability to communicate insights from data compellingly. This module focuses on integrating data visualizations into presentations, ensuring your team can persuade and influence stakeholders with data-driven narratives.

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The Digital HR Boot Camp empowers HR professionals to lead digital transformation. It’s about both a mindset shift and using technology to enhance employee success and happiness.

What your team will learn:

1. Leading in Digital HR & Future Work

Empower your HR team to be at the forefront of digital transformation, understanding the nuances of the digital landscape and its implications for the future of work. This positions HR as a key player in guiding the organization’s digital journey.

2. Crafting Employee Experiences with Design Thinking

Equip your team with Design Thinking methodologies to refine and improve employee experiences. This user-centric approach ensures that HR solutions are tailored to the unique needs and preferences of your workforce.

3. Mastering Automation in HR

Enable your HR team to streamline processes through automation. By adopting the 4D framework and leveraging smart software tools, you can significantly reduce administrative burdens and enhance overall HR efficiency.

4. Championing Digital Change Management

Prepare your HR team to lead digital change initiatives with confidence. Using the Cynefin model of change and effective communication techniques, they’ll be equipped to drive commitment and address resistance, ensuring successful digital transformations.

5. Hacking HR for Digital Mastery

Foster a culture of continuous learning and digital expertise within your HR team. This module ensures they’re equipped with the skills and knowledge to navigate the digital HR landscape effectively, enhancing their value to the organization.

6. Strategizing with 2024 HR Trends

Keep your HR team ahead of the curve by immersing them in the latest HR trends and strategies projected for 2024. This forward-thinking approach positions HR as a digital thought leader, driving innovation and strategic planning in the organization.

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Boot Camp overview

AIHR's Boot Camps are intensive cohort-based programs that combine the power of our self-paced online HR courses with teamwork, hands-on projects, a demo day, and (optional) live facilitated sessions.


Group formation
Practical info

Core Curriculum

Core curriculum: (self-paced) learning modules


Presentation of projects to the group or a selected (internal) jury.

Continuous learning

Next Boot Camp
Self-directed learning

Instantly upskill your team

Our Boot Camps are made to be highly effective in getting the result you need with our Tell-Show-Do-Apply method.
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HR Professionals learn new skills with AIHR

What makes a Boot Camp different?

Focus on applying knowledge

Boot Camps add an extra layer of practice on top of the tell-show-do-apply learning approach of the learning modules by having learners work in groups on a pre-defined project.

Learn with your team

The cohort-based approach fosters a feeling of community which translates back into more collaboration on-the-job and higher employee engagement.

High engagement

Clear milestones, group work, and (optional) blended learning sessions provide accountability to keep up with the program and finish self-study modules on time.

Clear impact & ROI

The targeted nature of Boot Camps and pre-defined timeframes drive visible impact in terms of behavior change in the moments that matter.

Guided by experts

Boot Camps are directed by AIHRs team of Learning Consultants. They are your single point of contact, host the (optional) live learning sessions, and ensure that learners keep up with the schedule. An additional layer of individual support is offered by our team of coaches and subject matter experts.
Anchal Dhingra
Learning Consultant
Erik van Vulpen
Subject Matter Expert
Nicole Eberhard
Senior Learning Consultant
Kele Lebakeng
Learning Consultant
Dr. Dieter Veldsman
Subject Matter Expert
Ernest Roelofsz
Learning Consultant
Lara Hilton
Learning Consultant
Nikola Velickovic
Learning Consultant


Have more questions? Get in touch with one of our sales consultants.

Are there any prerequisites for the boot camps?

HR Boot Camps are designed to be inclusive to any HR Professional and do not have any prerequisites. We recommend a minimum of 1 year work experience in a relevant HR role, but they are made to still be as relevant & valuable for an HR professional with 25+ years of experience.

Is there a fixed schedule?

All modules of the core-curriculum are 100% online, self-paced, and on-demand available. You can discuss the project outline with our Learning Consultants, and you will be able to adjust the exact length of the program to your needs. The Learning Consultants will also schedule a demo-day at the beginning of the boot camp. Learners are expected to have completed the core-curriculum by that day.

Is this program the right fit for my team?

Our learning specialists are here to help you determine which boot camp is the right fit to reach your team and company goals. Grab a slot on their calendar or get in touch with Oisin via [email protected].

How can I be sure that this boot camp will work?

In contrast to many other learning solutions, our boot camps prioritize practicality above all. We don’t just teach; we immerse your team in real-world scenarios. We use relevant examples, collaborate with amazing experts, and our curriculum is enriched with numerous exercises, case studies, and practical templates for when your team will actually apply it.

Our tell-show-do-apply learning methodology ensures that you not only gain knowledge through video lessons (tell + show) but also get ample opportunities to practice and apply what you’ve learned (do + apply). With a multitude of examples, we ensure that your team is well-equipped to tackle real-world challenges post-boot camp.

The end result is a practical project that will be implemented in your organization.

What makes AIHR different from others?

The combination of a structured, hands-on learning journey with features like the resource library, packed with practical templates and tools, live events, community, and bite-sized learnings, means that AIHR is not just an online academy, but a full HR Upskilling Platform that provides your people with the resources to bring learnings into their job, get expert support, and stay up-to-date on the latest HR skills and trends.

How much time/effort will this take from me & the team?

Completing an HR Boot Camp usually takes about 20 – 30 hours per person distributed over a 6 – 12 months period.

Helping HR teams build modern HR skills at scale

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