The HR Competency Navigator

Create a future-proof HR capability model

We help leadership teams transform their HR organization by co-creating a future-proof HR capability model based on the 2025 HR Competency Framework©.

Co-created deliverables

The HR Navigator© is a process for co-creating an HR capability model that works for your organization. The outcomes are three deliverables that will help you deliver on your HR priorities, drive HR transformation, and fully align HR with the organizational goals.

HR capability model

Your HR capability model translates the HR and organizational strategy into the specific competencies needed within HR. Our 2025 HR Competency Framework for T-Shaped professionals will be the starting point.

HR personas

The individual competencies defined in the capability model will be translated into 3 – 6 desired HR personas. Each persona represents various HR roles that require a similar skill set.

Learning journeys

After performing a skills gap analysis between the desired personas and the existing HR population, we will build learning journeys that show exactly how people will be trained to develop the required competencies.

Three-step process

The HR Navigator© is a three-step co-creation process that takes about two months to complete depending on stakeholders’ availability.

1. Data collection

We start by developing a thorough understanding of your specific people strategy, HR operating model, and work architecture. Optionally assessments are used to benchmark current skill levels.

2. Model development

Based on the collected data and our 2025 HR framework, we create your HR Capability Model, the personas, and learning journeys. All fully tailored to your people strategy and business goals.

3. Implementation

The deliverables from the co-creation process are the starting point of the upskilling initiative. Behavior change is what you want to see. Our specialists will continue to offer support at every step to ensure the projects’ success.

Developing T-Shaped HR Professionals

T-Shaped HR professionals are the ultimate all-rounders. They thrive in a digital world, have a thorough business understanding, use data to make decisions, and can navigate complex cross-functional challenges with ease.

Download the 2025 HR Competency Model in pdf.

HR Navigator FAQ

We already have an HR competency framework

That’s great! But does your HR competency framework account for the data literacy and digital skills your employees need to be ready for the future of work?

We will take your competency framework as the starting point for our discussion, update it where needed, and help transform it into learning journeys or together decide we want to implement some updates.

Just book a free intake call and we’ll take it from there.

What are T-Shaped HR Professionals?

These are HR professionals who have a so-called T-Shaped competency profile, which means that they possess a broad range of core-HR competencies on top of their in-depth skills and expertise.

Combining the best from being a generalist and a specialist makes, T-Shaped HR professionals the ultimate all-rounders.

Discover the 2025 HR Competency Model to learn more about T-Shaped HR Professionals.

How long does the HR Competency Navigator process take?

The HR Navigator is a three-step process and takes about two months to complete depending on the availability of the relevant stakeholders on your side.

Our team of HR Capability Consultants is ready to get started within two weeks.

What is the goal of the collaboration?

Behavior change amongst your HR population is the ultimate goal.

Once we have agreed on the behaviors necessary to realize your HR strategy for each of your personas, we will help you identify the required skills as well as the best-fitting learning journeys to develop these skills. Our tell-show-do-apply methodology ensures that learning happens hands-on and translates into behavior change.

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