HR Board Report Template

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Effectively communicate HR priorities, impact, and risks to key stakeholders with this ready-to-use HR board report template.

HR Board Report Template
HR Board Report Template

A compelling HR board report is one of the best ways to show your stakeholders the values HR brings to the business. Use this template to put together a comprehensive and engaging report with ease. 

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An essential part of your HR toolbox 

Creating an impactful HR board report is challenging. It’s tempting to spend a lot of time developing an information-dense deck to share all the ways HR is supporting and contributing to the business. But overwhelming stakeholders with information can actually make your message less effective 

This HR board report template provides you with a clear structure to follow, ensuring consistency and clarity in your communication with stakeholders.

The HR board report template 

With this ready-to-use HR board report template, you can save time and effort, reduce the risk of oversight, and strengthen your credibility. The template lets you easily insert essential information and compelling data visualizations to share HR’s activities, achievements, and added value. 

You will also have access to the HR board report canvas: a one-page summary you can use to quickly get your stakeholders up to speed without being overwhelmed by granular details. 

Simply fill in the form to download your copy of the HR board report template and start delivering quality and impact in your stakeholder communication.

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HR Board Report Template

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HR Board Report Template

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