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HR Teams are only as successful as their skills are relevant. With engaging in-depth training and resources, AIHR helps HR teams become better at what they do and drive more business value.
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HR Boot Camp

Targeted skill-building with immediate results and impact

  • Focus on a specific skill
  • Blended instructor-led learning
  • Short-term results

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HR Academy

Transform your organization’s HR capabilities at scale

  • Upskill the full HR function
  • Capability framework mapping
  • Continuous learning opportunities

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Digital Transformation

Drive HR transformation with modern & relevant skills

  • Focus on Digital & Data skills
  • Enable HR to lead change
  • Strategic & operational impact

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Build your HR dream team and stop looking outside

“Only 2 out of every 10 HR professionals have the skills they need”

HR Transformation takes skilled talent. But 93% of HR professionals think that they do not have the skills needed to keep up with the digital transformation of HR.

So, where do you find the right people? You already have them! They just need enabling to reach their full potential.

See an immediate ROI

By investing in skill development, your people will grow faster, stay engaged longer, and drive better business outcomes.
of business customers saw results in 6 months
of our members report improved performance
HR Professionals learn new skills with AIHR

World-class Online Training for every HR role

AIHR’s curriculum is developed based on the new global standard in HR Capability Building.

Our tell-show-do-apply methodology makes for in-depth and engaging online learning, while the resources libraries, coaches, and community drive direct impact and offer on-the-job support.

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Full course library
Community & Live events
Resource libraries
Learning coach
Dedicated Learning Consultant
Custom learning paths
Kick-off session
Blended learning
LMS integration

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