HR Academy Playbook

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Empower your team with the skills they need to drive business impact by setting up your own HR Academy.

HR Academy Playbook
HR Academy Playbook

Don’t let the HR skills gap stand in the way of business performance. Find out how you can take a structural approach to HR development with an in-house HR Academy.

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  • How to build an HR Academy in 5 steps
  • Which approach to building an Academy works for you
  • How to measure the impact of your Academy (free template included)

HR needs support 

HR departments play a crucial role in supporting and enabling almost the entire organization — but often overlooks itself. Yet in the face of shifting employee expectations, economic challenges, and other business challenges, an impactful and effective HR department has never been more essential.

Setting up an HR Academy is the structural solution to combat the HR skills gap. By offering them a continuous development platform, you will keep your HR team effective, engaged, and empowered.

The HR Academy Playbook 

This essential guide walks you through the five-step process of setting up an HR Academy of your own. From why you need an HR competency framework to what to consider when selecting the right technology and learning content, this guidebook will help you design and deploy the best solution for your organization.

It also includes a free template to help you measure the impact of your HR Academy and share outcomes with your key stakeholders.

Download your copy of the HR Academy Playbook and find out how you can elevate the impact and efficiency of your HR team. 

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HR Academy Playbook

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HR Academy Playbook

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