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At the Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR), it is our mission to future-proof HR by offering world-class, online training programs for HR Professionals.

Any HR Professional who is committed to lifelong learning can expand their skill set with modern and in-demand HR skills. AIHR is the place to learn the skills you need to advance your career and secure a job at the forefront of HR.


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A hunger to grow

Like many of our customers, the people at AIHR all have one thing in common: an unstoppable hunger to grow.

In our quest for excellence, we continuously try new things, seek opportunities to grow, and propel the HR profession forward. A craving for pushing beyond the status quo and focus on teaching innovative HR practices is what makes us the Academy to Innovate HR.

With our self-paced online training programs, we empower HR professionals around the globe to unlock their potential and innovate how HR is practiced. Ultimately impacting the employee experience of millions of workers at thousands of organizations.

Meet our team

We are an international, warm, and ambitious team with a relentless drive to help our students succeed at transforming their careers.

Together with our global team of instructors, we’re committed to future-proofing HR and helping you develop the skills you need to secure a job at the forefront of it all.

World-class training and personal dedication is what customers can expect from our admissions advisors, career coaches, and subject matter experts.

We are the AIHR team. Nice to meet you!

profile picture Nando Steenhuis

Nando Steenhuis


profile picture Erik van Vulpen

Erik van Vulpen


profile picture Neelie Verlinden

Neelie Verlinden

Digital HR Content Creator

profile picture Simona Iancu

Simona Iancu

Head of Marketing

profile picture Lily Stamenova

Lily Stamenova

Recruitment and Operations Manager

profile picture Vincent Cohen

Vincent Cohen

Head of Sales

profile picture Arend  Verbeek

Arend Verbeek

Channel Manager

profile picture Marijn Verdult

Marijn Verdult

Head of Technology

profile picture Gustavo Coelho

Gustavo Coelho

Tech Lead

profile picture Ernest Roelofsz

Ernest Roelofsz

Customer Success Manager

profile picture Neal Travis

Neal Travis

Support & Admissions Manager

profile picture Huy Trinh

Huy Trinh

Visual Designer

profile picture Valeria Velásquez

Valeria Velásquez

Community Manager

profile picture Monika Nemcová

Monika Nemcová


profile picture Cas van Andel

Cas van Andel

Sales Director

profile picture Luca Senatore

Luca Senatore

Director of Growth Marketing

profile picture Robin Leuci

Robin Leuci

Video Production Specialist

profile picture Leah Clarke

Leah Clarke

Content Marketing Manager

profile picture Celeste Franco

Celeste Franco

Video Producer

profile picture Elizabeth Hepburn

Elizabeth Hepburn

Content Team Lead

profile picture Nikola Velickovic

Nikola Velickovic

Instructional Designer

profile picture Lea Hemm

Lea Hemm

Instructional Designer

profile picture Maxim Sinnema

Maxim Sinnema

Account Executive

profile picture Nyasha Mupfumi

Nyasha Mupfumi

Partner Manager

profile picture Mai Do

Mai Do

Content Specialist

profile picture Laoise Rodgers

Laoise Rodgers

Admissions Advisor

profile picture Blagovesta Dimitrova

Blagovesta Dimitrova

Social Media Lead

profile picture Aziz Murat

Aziz Murat

Performance Marketer

profile picture Paolo Campagnoli

Paolo Campagnoli

Video Marketer

profile picture Isabella Sooma

Isabella Sooma

Visual Designer

profile picture Maria Salampasi

Maria Salampasi

Learning Specialist

profile picture Paul van der Laken

Paul van der Laken

Subject Matter Expert: People Analytics

profile picture Dusanka Durdevic

Dusanka Durdevic

Talent Acquisition Specialist

profile picture Ilja Stolzenbach

Ilja Stolzenbach

Customer Success Manager

profile picture Dieter Veldsman

Dieter Veldsman

HR & OD Thought Leader

profile picture Dusan Ljubenovic

Dusan Ljubenovic

Front-end & WordPress Developer

profile picture Elena Herranz Rubio

Elena Herranz Rubio

Finance Manager

profile picture Rick van Weeren

Rick van Weeren

Chief Nourishment Officer

profile picture Samuele  Ceppi

Samuele Ceppi

Admissions Advisor

profile picture Pritha Bhandari

Pritha Bhandari

Learning Specialist

profile picture Annelise Pretorius

Annelise Pretorius

Assessments Expert

profile picture Steven Jansen

Steven Jansen

Enterprise Account Executive

profile picture Josiah Monardo

Josiah Monardo

Growth Account Executive

profile picture Kasia Józefiak

Kasia Józefiak

Product Owner

profile picture Anchal Dhingra

Anchal Dhingra

Senior Learning Consultant


profile picture Erik van Vulpen

Erik van Vulpen

People Analytics & Digital HR Leader

profile picture Joanna Sosnowska

Joanna Sosnowska

Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam Business School

profile picture David Creelman

David Creelman

Data & Analytics Consultant

profile picture Lisanne van Bunderen

Lisanne van Bunderen


profile picture Fons Trompenaars

Fons Trompenaars

Culture Guru, Thought Leader and Author

profile picture Pauline James

Pauline James

Experienced HR Leader

profile picture Lyndon Sundmark

Lyndon Sundmark

HR Data Scientist

profile picture Bob Nagar

Bob Nagar

Coach, Facilitator, and People Development Consultant

profile picture Bastiaan Stokkel

Bastiaan Stokkel

People Geek & HR Analyst

profile picture Celine Pan Shi

Celine Pan Shi

Strategic Talent and Business Professional

profile picture Ben Whitter

Ben Whitter

Mr Employee Experience™

profile picture Dave Millner

Dave Millner

HR Futurist

profile picture Raymond Hannes

Raymond Hannes

Lecturer and DesignThinking Expert

profile picture Rob van Dijk

Rob van Dijk

Digital HR & Analytics Consultant

profile picture Alyssa Ruff

Alyssa Ruff

HR Analyst & Data Geek

profile picture Barry Flack

Barry Flack

Award-winning HR & Talent Director

profile picture Omar Ismail

Omar Ismail

Impact & Influence Facilitator

profile picture Mark Lawrence

Mark Lawrence

Data-driven HR Leader

profile picture Hilje de Boer

Hilje de Boer

Storyteller & Data-Visualization Expert

profile picture René Klep

René Klep

HRM Lecturer

profile picture Nadeem Khan

Nadeem Khan

Leadership coach, OD & Change Speicialist

profile picture Debora Gallo

Debora Gallo

L&D Manager at Netflix

profile picture Paul van der Laken, PhD

Paul van der Laken, PhD

HR Data Scientist

profile picture Andrew Gadomski

Andrew Gadomski

Workforce and HR Data Scientist

profile picture Neelie Verlinden

Neelie Verlinden

Entrepreneur & Digital HR expert

profile picture Peer Goudsmit

Peer Goudsmit

Recruitment Specialist

profile picture Ronald van Driel

Ronald van Driel

Recruitment Strategy Specialist

profile picture Andrew Spence

Andrew Spence

Strategic Workforce Advisor

profile picture Sam Hill

Sam Hill

People Analytics Expert

profile picture Bibi Berghout

Bibi Berghout

Data Scientist

profile picture Eduardo Valencia

Eduardo Valencia

Data Analyst & Data Scientist

profile picture Tim Theeboom

Tim Theeboom

Executive Psychologist, Assistant Professor at the VU Center for Executive Coaching

profile picture Paul Walker

Paul Walker

Employee Experience Expert

profile picture Eugène Hoogstad

Eugène Hoogstad

Lecturer & Education Entrepreneur

profile picture Julie Moore

Julie Moore

HR Consultant & People Person

profile picture Vince Conte

Vince Conte

Strategic Management Consultant

profile picture Dieter Veldsman

Dieter Veldsman

HR Thought Leader & Subject Matter Expert

profile picture Gemma Baldock

Gemma Baldock

HR Coach & Mentor

profile picture Kira Koopman

Kira Koopman

Digital Learning Leader

profile picture Natasja Mol

Natasja Mol

Global Digital Learning Lead @ ING

profile picture Jef Helmink

Jef Helmink

Global L&D Leader

profile picture Marquis Murray

Marquis Murray

CEO, Founder, & System Improvement Specialist

profile picture Marlon Kamesa

Marlon Kamesa

Change Management Strategist

profile picture Belinda Loseby

Belinda Loseby

Power BI Trainer

profile picture Danielle Lee

Danielle Lee

OD Expert

profile picture Giles Slinger

Giles Slinger

Organization Design and HR Analytics Leader

profile picture Naomi Stanford

Naomi Stanford

Organization Design Consultant

profile picture Risha Grant

Risha Grant

DEIB Expert, Motivational Speaker & Author

profile picture Annelise Pretorius

Annelise Pretorius

Psychometrics Expert

profile picture Trent Cotton

Trent Cotton

VP of Talent and Culture

profile picture Dr. Marna van der Merwe

Dr. Marna van der Merwe

Subject Matter Expert

profile picture Sandrine Bardot

Sandrine Bardot

Compensation & Benefits Expert

profile picture Jerry Hu

Jerry Hu

International Tech Talent Leader

profile picture Donya Rose

Donya Rose

Sales Compensation Design Consultant

profile picture Erik de Groot

Erik de Groot

Compensation & Benefits Leader

profile picture Raymond Welmers

Raymond Welmers

Partner at PwC

profile picture Steven Hölscher

Steven Hölscher

People insights consultant

profile picture Nigel Marriott

Nigel Marriott

Pay Gap Analytics Consultant and Trainer

profile picture Jocelyne Stolwijk

Jocelyne Stolwijk

Senior Associate at PwC

profile picture Rick Hecht

Rick Hecht

Healthcare Executive & Strategic Leader

profile picture Jesper Larsen

Jesper Larsen

Recruitment & Sourcing Expert

profile picture Dusanka Durdevic

Dusanka Durdevic

Recruitment Specialist @ AIHR

profile picture Phil Strazzulla

Phil Strazzulla

Employer Branding & HR Tech Leader

profile picture Ryne Sherman

Ryne Sherman

Candidate Assessment & Psychology Expert

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