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Sourcing & Recruitment

Certificate Program
Find and hire the right candidates in a stubbornly competitive labor market. With this Sourcing & Recruitment Certificate Program, you will learn to source and engage passive candidates, avoid mishires with effective screening, build an influential employer brand, and optimize the recruitment cycle with data analytics. In short, you’ll get the tools and techniques to master end-to-end recruitment.

What you will learn

Build an effective end-to-end recruitment process.
Master sourcing to identify and engage best-fit candidates.
Increase candidate quality with effective screening.
Develop and maintain a strong employer brand.
Learn essential recruitment analytics skills.


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Program structure

Mastering the Job Intake Process
2 modules
• 5 lessons
3 hours
Successfully kickstart your recruitment process
Set yourself up for recruitment success. In this course you’ll learn the practical steps to conduct a structured job intake session with hiring managers, create targeted candidate personas and job descriptions, and set clear recruitment objectives. In short, everything you need for a low-friction, high-impact hiring process that contributes to the overall success of your organization.
Download the syllabus for a detailed overview of all lessons, assignments, reading materials, and bonus content.
Run effective intake meetings to create compelling descriptions & attract the right candidates.
Learn to build relevant and accurate candidate personas to enhance your sourcing process.
Create clarity, reduce miscommunication & maintain a good working relationship with hiring managers.
Preparing for the Job Intake
Running the Job Intake Process
Talent Sourcing
3 modules
• 7 lessons
6 hours
Candidate Screening Methods
3 modules
• 7 lessons
6 hours
Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing
2 modules
• 7 lessons
5 hours
Rewards Communication & Negotiation
1 module
• 4 lessons
3 hours
Recruitment Analytics
5 modules
• 18 lessons
9 hours
Capstone Project

Explore the full curriculum in pdf and receive email reminders when enrollment opens



Candidate Persona Playbook
Create a realistic candidate persona to reduce your chance of mishires.
Job Intake Form Template
Leverage this ready-to-use template to gather comprehensive information about your open roles.
Case study
Apply your knowledge and skills to source talent or a car manufacturer.
Boolean Cheat Sheet - Basic Operators
Master basic Boolean operators to source for the best candidates.
Candidate Screening Methods
Apply your knowledge and skills to screen applications for a construction company.
Recruiter Screening Call Template
Use this phone interviewing questions list to guide your screening calls.
Creating an Employer Branding Strategy
Go through the five steps to create an employer branding strategy.
Recruiting Tracking Dashboard
Track your recruitment efforts & make informed decisions about your employer branding strategy.
Rewards Case Study
Go through all the steps from the first negotiation to the final hire.
Candidate Persona Template
Use this template to understand what kind of rewards you need to offer.
Calculating ROI
Apply your skills to calculate the NPS score for candidates and hiring managers.
Project Description Template
Use this template to create a clear summary of your project.
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Why should I enroll in this Sourcing & Recruitment Certificate Program?

As a recruiter you're responsible for identifying best-fit candidates, building a robust talent pipeline, an outstanding employer brand, supporting hiring managers, and much more. And the Sourcing & Recruitment Certificate Program is designed to help you do just that. You will develop a well-rounded skill set to position yourself as a candidate-centric, data-driven, and effective recruiting pro.

Is there a fixed schedule?

No. This program is 100% online and self-paced! When you learn and how much time you spend each day, week, or month is up to. In total, you will need to invest approximately 35 hours to finish the program and obtain your certificate.

How long do I have access to the program?

Which languages are the courses conducted in?

All courses are conducted in English with English subtitles available.

Is this program the right fit for me?

If you’re not sure if this program is the right fit, we are here to help you determine which program is the right fit for your goals and needs! Simply talk to one of our admissions advisors or send them an email at [email protected].

Do I need any software tools to complete this program?

No special software tools are required to complete this program. All materials needed are provided in the training platform.

Design a Strategic, End-To-End Recruitment Process

Build a Thriving Sourcing And Recruiting Career