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HumanXgrows and retains talent with HR development platform

HumanX created a culture of continuous development to add more value for its HR consultants and the clients they serve.
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About HumanX

HumanX guides organizations through HR transformations using their hands-on approach and digital expertise. They are trusted by companies such as Lidl and Allianz.
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The Challenge

Creating structural learning opportunities for their team

HumanX prioritized learning for HR consultants to meet client needs and to continually attract and develop top talent. They needed to find a way to offer structural access to high-quality content.

Exceptionally skilled consultants

Today’s workplace requires new capabilities and focus, especially in HR.

“HR is no longer the back office it used to be, but we haven’t yet reached the level of HR business partnering every HR department dreams of,” says Thibault Martin, co-founder of HumanX.

The team of consultants help organizations achieve their HR ambitions through a combination of digital expertise and operational skill. In order to best serve clients HumanX needs exceptionally skilled consultants who are able to meet a wide range of clients needs. “That’s why we want to train our consultants in digital skills and the skills of the future,” says Thibault.

HumanX grows and retains talent with HR development platform

Purposeful, structured development

Attracting digital HR specialists is no easy task and candidates want to take charge of their professional growth. “We want to help them reach the next stage of their career, and it’s important that they grow with us,” says Abibou Ndiaye, co-founder.

HumanX needed more than a personal development budget or one-off training. They needed to implement a structural solution to HR development and training. One that addressed the need for on-demand access to high-quality learning content to support a variety of experience levels and a wide breadth of specialities. And it had to fit into a consultant’s busy schedule.

They started searching, and soon found AIHR.

“We want to help them reach the next stage of their career, and it’s important that they grow with us.”

Abibou Ndiaye, Co-Founder of HumanX.
The Solution

Delivering impact with an HR development platform

A platform for development

“We decided to work with AIHR because it had it all in one platform” says Thibault. “We have all the certifications we need, combining operational support and digital HR expertise, AIHR had both, so the best of both worlds.”

Consultants now boost their HR skills through certificate programs and courses, but are also able to better handle on-the-job challenges thanks to the extensive library of templates, and the 15,000+ community of HR professionals they can tap into.

“Being experts, they are very critical of any HR learning content,” says Thibault. But that wasn’t an issue, as Abibou explains: “We offered the possibility to choose another provider, but all the consultants chose AIHR.”

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Enabling a learning culture

HumanX wanted to set the right foundations for learning from the get-go. That’s why they proactively created dedicated time for their consultants to learn, and made development a formal part of their performance evaluations.

“30% of the evaluation depends on self-development, split evenly between development at the client, and studying with AIHR,” says Thibault. This approach puts a clear return on upskilling, and puts the consultant in control of their annual performance assessment.

Consultants start the year with a personal development plan based on their career ambitions and development goals. And have regular check-ins with the founders to discuss progress and decide how to continue their learning journey.

“We offered the possibility to choose another provider, but all the consultants chose AIHR.”

Abibou Ndiaye, Co-Founder of HumanX.

The Results

A stronger EVP and more value for clients

Engaged talent

“Having buy-in from our consultants was the most important KPI,” says Thibault. And the results couldn’t be clearer.

“We asked for feedback on the whole AHIR platform, from the certificate programs to the resources and community. The feedback was all very positive across the different expertise and experience levels.”

All in all, the results far exceed their expectations.

Happy clients

Cutting-edge knowledge and skills is essential for HumanX to continue offering value to their clients. That’s why the founders are also enrolled. “Because we are often in commercial discussions with CHROs and HRDs, we need to stay ahead of the latest trends and topics,” says Thibault.

Furthermore, HumanX relies on AIHR’s learning consultants for support on best practices and strategic issues. As Thibault says: “AIHR is not just a supplier, we have a strategic partnership.”

The key benefits of AIHR for HumanX
On-demand training
High-quality content available whenever needed
Culture of learning
HR professionals owning their development
Strategic partner
Continuous support from learning consultants
Practical resources
Templates & guides to hit the ground running
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