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Talent Acquisition Strategy & Workforce Planning

Online Course
Learn how to attract skilled candidates and help your organization gain the talent it needs with this Talent Acquisition Strategy and Workforce Planning course. In this online training, you will learn how to utilize strategic talent acquisition (TA) to maintain a robust talent pipeline and give your business a competitive edge. This course is your key to becoming the catalyst for your organization’s long-term success.
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Learning Objectives

Understand why TA is different from recruitment and why it is a strategic pillar of a successful organization
Align your Talent Acquisition practices with HR practices and the organizational strategy
Build an effective Talent Acquisition strategy to attract top talent for critical vacancies
Learn how to meet your organization’s talent needs with a robust pipeline of best-fit talent


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Course structure

Talent Acquisition Strategy & Workforce Planning
2 modules
• 3 lessons
4.5 hours
Build an effective Talent Acquisition strategy
Enhance the strategic value of Talent Acquisition for your organization. This Talent Acquisition Strategy and Workforce Planning course will guide you through the practical steps to build a talent acquisition practice that integrates with your organizational goals. You will also learn about the impact of talent on company performance and how you can better support business strategy through recruiting initiatives.
Creating a Talent Acquisition Strategy
Workforce Planning for TA Professionals


Creating a Talent Acquisition Strategy
Use your new skills to map an organization's TA maturity
TA Maturity Framework Template
A practical guide to understanding talent acquisition maturity
ASA Model Playbook
Customize the ASA model to your organization's needs
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The Talent Acquisition Strategy & Workforce Planning course is available as part of our Strategic Talent Acquisition Certificate Programand the Full Access License
Talent Acquisition Strategy & Workforce Planning
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Why should I enroll in this Talent Acquisition Strategy and Workforce Planning course?

Reactive hiring cannot help you evolve into a more strategic talent acquisition leader, nor can it help you support your organization in reaching its long-term goals. But a well-defined talent acquisition strategy can. This Talent Acquisition Strategy and Workforce Planning course will help you become more business-oriented and forward-thinking to take your TA game to the next level. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and skills needed to build and execute a successful Talent Acquisition strategy focused not only on filling in the gaps but also on empowering your organization for the future with the talents it needs.

Do I need any prior Talent Acquisition or Recruitment experience to enroll in this course?

This Talent Acquisition Strategy and Workforce Planning course is a Beginner level course. As such, you don’t need any prior Talent Acquisition or Recruiting experience to start this course.

Is there a fixed schedule?

No. This training is 100% online and self-paced! When you learn and how much time you spend each day, week, or month is up to.

How long do I have access to the course?

Which languages are the courses conducted in?

All courses are available in English and come with English subtitles.

Is this online course the right fit for me?

If you’re not sure if this course is the right fit, we are here to help you determine which training best fits your goals and needs! Simply talk to one of our admissions advisors or send them an email at [email protected].

Why is this course not sold individually?

To optimize the quality of your learning experience, this course is not available for standalone enrollment and is either available as part of a Certificate Program or included with the Full Academy Access License.

Do I need any software tools to complete this program?

No special software tools are required to complete this program. All materials needed are provided in the training platform.

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