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Is HR analytics in demand?

HR analytics skills are in demand and a valuable addition to your HR toolkit. You don’t need advanced analytics skills and tools, either. AIHR offers HR analytics training courses for Excel, for instance. This lets you get a flying start with data-driven HR and reporting.

More advanced people analytics skills are rare. Not many HR professionals are comfortable using PowerBI, R, or similar tools. AIHR also offers advanced HR analytics courses for these tools for data-savvy people professionals who want to specialize.

Why is HR analytics important?

You’re responsible for your organization’s most valuable asset: it’s people. There’s too much on the line to rely on guesswork and gut feeling.

HR analytics helps you minimize flight risk, bring down unwanted turnover, improve employee satisfaction, and much more. Your strategic impact goes up, as will HR’s standing in the organization. That’s why people analytics is so in demand — and why HR analytics courses are so valuable for ambitious people professionals.

What are the benefits of taking an HR analytics course?

Online HR analytics courses equip you with skills that bring your career goals within reach — even if you don’t want to spend much time crunching numbers.

First of all, it makes you stand out from the crowd. People analytics skills are still relatively rare, and a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

But more importantly, data literacy is becoming an essential skill for virtually all professionals. Data is the language of business, so being able to back up your work with data is essential. Being credible in conversations about data, using insights to identify opportunities, and simply being able to quantify your achievements and impact: online HR analytics training courses give you an almost unfair advantage over your less data-savvy peers.

Is HR analytics certification worth it?


Data analytics is already important to all business functions, and this will only intensify in the future. Developing and proving your data literacy through online HR analytics courses is an effective way to increase your impact now and future-proof your career in the long run. This makes an HR analytics certification valuable for all HR professionals, no matter your experience or career goals.

Why choose AIHR for HR analytics courses?

Businesses need actionable HR reports and insights, not abstract theory and best practices. And that is exactly what you learn with AIHR.

AIHR combines theory and practice to help you understand people analytics (even if you have no prior experience) and know how to roll up your sleeves to turn data into action. Clear explanations, hands-on exercises, and an active community of practitioners to share ideas and insights: AIHR is your shortcut to data-driven HR.

How do I know which AIHR HR analytics course to choose?

The HR Career Map shows you which HR analytics training courses are the most useful for your ideal career path.

It’s like an on-demand, digital career coach that makes choosing courses easy through interactive visuals. Use the career map to plot your career advancement, get insight into salary ranges, and see which HR training courses give you the skills, knowledge, and experience to meet your goals.

HR analytics courses at AIHR

It doesn’t matter if you’re a total beginner or an analytics pro. At AIHR, you will find accessible, engaging, and high-quality HR analytics courses that will help you become a more data-driven HR professional.

Are you looking to take your first steps in people analytics? AIHR offers entry-level HR analytics online courses. This will help you learn the basics of people analytics, including how to analyze HR data in Excel.

If you already have experience in this domain, you might be interested in AIHR’s courses on HR statistics in R, using PowerBI to build interactive HR dashboards, and more.

And to help you operationalize your new knowledge, you will also get access to the AIHR Resource Library, full of practical templates and guides designed specifically for HR practitioners like you.

Where to start with HR analytics?

The step to mastering data-driven HR isn’t cracking open Excel — it’s understanding the use and value of HR analytics.

This is covered in AIHR’s People Analytics Foundations course. You will learn how people analytics can add value to both HR and the organization through five, real-life case studies. Once you understand the context of HR analytics, you can get started with your first people data analyses.

AIHR offers an entry-level HR Data Analys course where you can roll up your sleeves and get hands-on with data. You’ll learn how to use Excel to analyze data and build HR dashboards, and put your new skills to the test in an interactive case study.

There are also several more advanced courses available for learners who want to take their analytics skills to the next level.

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