Drive the Digital HR Transformation

Build the skills to put HR in the driver’s seat of the digital transformation

Skills to drive digital (HR) transformation

Digitalization, automation, increased quantities of data, and cross-functional teams – the digital transformation requires HR professionals to develop an entirely new set of skills on top of their existing specialization.

Putting HR in the driver’s seat of the digital transformation starts by equipping everyone in your team with the skills needed to keep up and ultimately enabling some to take charge and become key drivers of change.

Boost the adoption of new HR systems & tools

New systems and tools are needed for HR to become more digital. But sourcing and implementation are only the first steps.

Business impact is dependent on successful adoption and enablement. With our Digital HR Bootcamps, we help HR teams develop the skills needed to drive team-wide adoption of new systems and tools.

Improve the efficiency of HR

Streamlining administrative tasks, increasing employee self-service options, and making data-driven decisions – digital HR transformation offers many opportunities to improve the efficiency of HR. Enabling HR leaders to shift resources – after successful reskilling – to more strategic and impactful activities like business partnering and improving employee engagement & retention.


Build better HR teams, faster

Whether you're a team of 10 or 1,000, AIHR is the only HR
learning platform you will ever need to upskill at scale.

Personalized upskilling at scale

Assess and identify key skills gaps

Drive digital transformation & data-driven HR

Building Digital HR Capabilities with an In-House HR Learning Academy

In a year full of unprecedented challenges, Henkel APAC has dedicated considerable resources to investing in their greatest and most reliable asset – their people. This comes as part of Henkel’s global digital upskilling initiative, focused on fostering in-house talent.

Together with the Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR), Henkel established their first HR Learning Academy dedicated to developing digital skills for their top HR talent.

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