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HR Career Map

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Create your personal career path by selecting the roles (in the desired order) on the career map.

Tip: Start by selecting your current role (or closest alternative) and map your further career path from there.

Please select a minimum of two roles on the career map below
Junior Senior
Industrial Relations Executive
Benefits Manager
Industrial Relations Specialist
Head of Talent Acquisition
Training Facilitators
Chief Diversity Officer
Chief People Officer (CHRO)
Recruitment Consultant
OD Head
Divisional/ Regional HR Head
Chief Learning Officer
Talent Manager
Learning and Development Consultant
Global HR Business Partner
Head of HR
Learning and Development Manager
OD Executive
HR Administrator
DEIB Manager
HR Business Partner
HR Consultant
HR Generalist
HR Manager
HR Officer
HR Operations Manager
HR Project Manager
HR Scrum Manager
DEIB Officer
DEIB Specialist
OD Specialist
Director Total Rewards
Payroll Administrator
Payroll Manager
Payroll Team Lead
Shared Services Manager
People Analytics Head
HR Data Scientist
HR Director
Comp and Ben Specialist
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Senior HR Business Partner
Shared Services Executive
HRIS Analyst
Benefits Administrator
Talent Researcher
Learning and Development Administrator
OD Administrator
HR Coordinator
HR Data Administrator
Helpdesk Support Agent
Internal Comms Consultant
Head of Employee Experience
Head of Digital HR
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How does the HR Career Map work?

The HR Career Map helps ambitious HR Professionals to determine what their career in HR can look like.

Step 1:
Start by browsing the HR Career Map to learn more about the various roles in the HR domain and discover your logical next step.

Step 2:
Switch to the “Create career path” mode to visualize your career path and get valuable insights about the projected salary and estimated timeline for your promotions.

For more information on HR Careers and Possibilities, have a look at our article on Everything You Need to Know here.

How should I read the map?

You ‘read’ the map from the bottom left corner to the top right corner.

On the left side and at the bottom you will find the most junior HR roles distributed across the three role families, in the top right corner are the most senior HR roles.

What data is this based on?

Salary data is based on combining information from and

Timeline projections are based on data gathered from industry experts and their experience.

I can't select all roles

The roles on the HR career map are categorized across 5 levels. While mapping your career, you can’t skip a level, and also will not be able to go back to a more junior level. Lateral moves within the same level are permitted.

Depending on the selected role, roles at the same level + the next level will become available.

How will this help me?

New roles and career paths are constantly popping up in HR.

We designed the HR career map for you to get a comprehensive overview of all the opportunities out there. This enable you to make the best informed decision about your next career move and further career path.

As a manager, you can share the map with your people to help them understand what their career in HR could look like and discuss specific career opportunities.

Which roles have strategic impact?

The Strategist profile refers to roles that take accountability for people, HR or functional strategies e.g. Remuneration or Organizational Development strategies as core to the role. The roles that do not fall within the strategist profile are still of strategic importance and could be involved in strategic work, yet their main focus or contribution are a better fit to some of the other profiles.

Questions or feedback?

If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out by contacting our support team.

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